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Eola Dr. Residence
West Salem, Oregon
Darrell Beam Construction


This approximate 12,000 sq. feet custom residence was built in the west hills of Salem overlooking the Willamette River.  The residence was 3-stories and utilized 16’ tall concrete retaining walls in the basement in order to elevate the main floor up to match the street elevation.  The construction consisted of a mix of conventional wood framing and steel framing with a concrete topped rear deck on metal framing the full length of the residence.  The lateral system was a combination of conventional plywood shearwalls, steel moment frames, and steel brace frames.

Modern Residence
Salem, OR
Anderson Shirley Architects


This unique approximate 3000 sq. feet residence is constructed of conventional wood framing and utilizes a combination of manufactured roof trusses and stick framing to provide a modern vaulted look with floor to ceiling glazing to allow for optimizing natural light.

West Salem Residence
Salem, OR
CB|Two Architects


This modern 5000 sq. feet residence sits in the hills of West Salem.  The construction is a mix of conventional wood framing and steel framing and utilizes varying plate heights and roof slopes to achieve a unique look.

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