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Morningstar Church
Salem, OR

This project included a new 15,000 square foot PEMB sanctuary with a 3000 square foot narthex and new entry.  It has 30-foot walls with steel studs and brick veneer.  A small second floor area includes office space and provisions for sound and video.

West Salem Foursquare Church
Salem, OR

This project consisted of a PEMB as the main structural element. CMU wainscot was used as the lateral resisting element around the perimeter. The interior space was divided into the main sanctuary with a wood framed stage, and the remainder of the building houses the classrooms kitchen and multipurpose room. These portions are primarily constructed of wood-framed walls and mezzanines.  The entry is covered by a steel framed roof structure integrated into the PEMB main frame system.

Other Religious Projects

South Salem Baptist Temple, Salem, OR
 Bethel Baptist Church, Salem, OR
 Canby Alliance Church, Canby, OR
Macleay Christian Retreat, Macleay, OR
Salem Alliance Church, Salem, OR
 Westminster Presbyterian Church, Salem, OR

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