Commercial Street Retail
Salem, OR
CB|Two Architects


This retail/commercial project has two tenant spaces of unique layout to provide a truly modern look.  The varying plate heights and three distinct towers provide an aesthetically pleasing and distinctive look.  The construction consisted of conventional wood framing with plywood sheathed shearwalls and steel wrap around canopies.

Firehouse Crossing Commercial Retail
Salem, OR
CB|Two Architects


This project consisted of three separate retail commercial buildings for an approximate 16,000 total sq. feet of space.  The buildings were of mainly of conventional wood framing with steel support utilized for the large steel canopies around the buildings. 

Vista Place Commercial Retail
Salem, OR
CB|Two Architects


This unique retail/commercial project boasts 3 towers with wrap-around steel canopies on the façade.  The largest tower highlights the primary business, the focal point of the center.  The overall square footage is 11,000 sq. ft.  

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